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FLIR TG130 spot thermal camera helps reduce energy costs

FLIR TG130 spot thermal camera helps reduce energy costs



Thermal imaging has become essential technology for diagnosing mechanical and electrical faults and also for spotting energy loss and other building problems. Not every application, however, needs to be pursued with a fully featured infrared camera and this is why FLIR Systems has introduced its new TG130.

This new Spot Thermal Camera features the FLIR Lepton® core that is the size of a smart phone SIM card. This makes the new TG130 lightweight, ergonomic and pocket portable so it is always available for instant troubleshooting. Simply aim the instrument at a target object or surface to measure the temperature, then click the trigger to freeze and view the image.

The FLIR TG130 is ideal for spotting thermal anomalies which can then be flagged for more detailed thermal inspection. The same unit can be used for looking at heat loss, bad electrical connections, HVAC performance and source water leaks.  It’s a good toolbox instrument for anyone involved in plant or facilities maintenance.

For more information go to: www.flir.com/TG130

Video link: https://youtu.be/Gg330B9U9Os



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