• tisdag , 21 augusti 2018

Om Paxymer

Paxymer – the green flame retardant

Paxymer is a patented, toxic-free flame retardant for polyolefin plastics. It is designed to achieve a safe burning process with low smoke, low smoke toxicity, non-dripping and minimized flame spread. Paxymer is “Recommended” by BVB (Byggvarubedömningen) and has participated in POPs elimination initiatives with both the Stockholm convention and the Jegrelius institute.

Paxymer is an innovative swedish company with a new, toxic-free solution within flame retardants. The company was sprung out of PP Polymer – a consultancy firm that has almost 30 years of experience of health and environmentally conscious product development within the field of polymer technology. Paxymer works on the european market with substitution of persistent (POPs and PBT) and endocrine disrupting (CMR) chemicals. Swaraj Paul, technical director and founder of PP Polymer and Paxymer, was awarded “Kemiteknikpriset” (Chemist of the year) in 2012 by SKR (Swedish chemist socitey).

For more information and sample inquiries contact

Amit Paul
MD Paxymer
Phone: +46 8 44 55 302
E-mail: amit.paul[at]paxymer.se


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